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1 Manchester United Laulud & amp; Jalgpalli laulu

All Man United's top chants sung by Man U supporters. Devilishly good

1 Ole, Ole, Ander Herrera NEW Song for Man U's Basque midfielder Ander Herrera. Signed for 36 million Euro's from Bilbao, he's become a fans favourite and now has his own song Esitusloendi
51 On Your Yorkshire Farms Sheep pesterers
104 Hey Man United Classic MUFC song Esitusloendi
139 Oh Robin Van Persie Sung when Van Persie scored his first hat-trick for Man United Esitusloendi
291 Doin' Glazers Mum For Glazers Mum (Ed: Nearly didn't put this one live but made us chuckle)
292 You Only Sing Our Songs Arsenal do have a tendency to sing sing our songs... or simple songs!
322 Oh We Hate Bill Shankly Another Scousbusting classic
336 Where's Your Racist Centre Half Sung about John Terry when we played Chelsea Esitusloendi
352 Fight Fight Whoever You May Be Fight against the Fat Yank
364 We Hate Liverpool, Man City (And Leeds) Pretty much says it all. Man United fans hate them all Esitusloendi
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420 We Are the Devils (To the Tune of 'You Are My Solskjaer') The Red Devils!
438 6th February 1958 Very touching song for the Babes
467 We've Been to Moscow Courtesy of the John Terry supporters club
558 Blue Moon Counting down the days now Sparky!
592 Radamel Falcao Proper rouser conjoured up from the wordsmiths at MUFC for Colombiano Falcao, nicely captured and sent in with the record function on our iPhone app too. Fine work fellas. Esitusloendi
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