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5 Chelsea Laulud & amp; Jalgpalli laulu

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

73 We're Going to Win 4-3 3 nil down, but we'll score 4 Esitusloendi
79 Torres Torres Torres Viva Espaniard :) Esitusloendi
134 I Wanna Be a Chelsea Ranger Often sung in the SoBar. Far from a family song. Esitusloendi
179 Andriy Shevchenko One of a few songs we have for the man who'll fire us to Euro glory. Esitusloendi
187 Ronaldo Loves Diving in the Box Cheat
246 It's All Quiet When they are all hushed Esitusloendi
276 Poor Little Scouser To Everton or Liverpool
306 Let's All Have a Disco D-I-S-C-O
325 Ramires Our new hero Ramires
443 In Your Liverpool Slums V2 Unhygienic lot
  Premier League Betting
519 Paulo Ferreira Chelsea song for our Portuguese defender Esitusloendi
612 Sh*t Football Team Chant for Crystal Palace. We sang this 18.10.2014 at Selhurst Park Esitusloendi
726 10 Men Went to Mow Longer version of the Chelsea anthem Esitusloendi
768 2 Nil and You Still Don't Sing They're up 2 nil and still not a peep, pathetic Esitusloendi
774 Mata Give Us a Wave Our Spanish wing wizard Esitusloendi
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