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1317 Celtic Charlie Adam's Sister's Pants 'Bout Rangers' players sister Esitusloendi
3279 Celtic Sebo Celtic taking the p*ss chanting for Rangers to bring on Sebo (he's cr*p!) Esitusloendi
4373 Ross County Fluffy Sheep Because we like sheep Esitusloendi
4450 Rangers The Kirk Broadfoot Song For our white cafu Esitusloendi
5067 Aberdeen The Sheep Are On Fire Funny retaliation to being called Sheep sh*****s Esitusloendi
5522 Inverness Bouncy This Inverness tune will have you bouncin' off the walls! Esitusloendi
7549 Inverness Let's All Laugh At County Inverness County comedy in this song. Esitusloendi
8546 Kilmarnock Dirties Aimed at the female dirties Esitusloendi
8614 Inverness Score In A Brothel Old school funny chant Esitusloendi
9507 Inverness Derek Adams In A Barn Doing what not on his farm! Esitusloendi
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15094 Hamilton Who Ate All The Pies? fatty
15145 Kilmarnock Somerset Is Falling Down True story about Somerset Park - Ayr United's ground
15311 Hamilton Canny Read Canny Write Thistle
15657 Celtic Rule Britannia Sing to rangers fans
15731 Rangers Hoaky Coaky To the tune of the hoaky coaky
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